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Taiwan Guys Seek Foreign

by Garry Schmidt on August 2, 2019 No comments

Taiwan Guys Seek Foreign

Safety guard Huang Chin-tsai did a thing that their daddy or grandfather never ever will have imagined: journey to a village in faraway Vietnam and spend to marry a female he did know n’t.

The Huang family once would never have considered a non-Chinese bride like most people on this island. Foreigners were uncultured, didn’t have the appropriate bloodlines, couldn’t speak Chinese and didn’t understand how to prepare the right meals.

But social and changes that are economic prompted Huang, 44, and large number of Taiwanese males doing exactly that. They’ve been finding spouses throughout Asia, and also the trend is helping awaken Taiwan’s insular society to other countries.

About 250,000 brides that are foreign among 23 million Taiwanese. About 140,000 of this ladies are from mainland China, but about 43,000 are Vietnamese and 11,000 are Indonesian.

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Garry SchmidtTaiwan Guys Seek Foreign