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Girls Brides

H’mong ethnic teenager May Na (name changed to guard her identification) had been 13 whenever her uncle took her over the border and forced her to marry A chinese guy. (Hoang Dinh Nam / AFP Photo)

The training of “pulling wife”, bride kidnapping or wedding by capture is an old tradition among the rural Vietnamese. In accordance with old customized, girls are symbolically kidnapped and detained for 2 to three times by young males, often in collaboration together with his household, to make a married relationship settlement with all the girls’ moms and dads. The girls’ moms and dads could ask on her launch or accept the wedding, following that your bride cost – to be compensated because of the boy’s household – will be bargained.

Wedding by capture in Vietnam were held with or with no permission associated with girls. Relating to World Vision’s ‘Situational Analysis on Child, Early and Forced Marriage in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia’, the bride kidnapping methods in Vietnam nearly solely involves girls that are young.

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